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May 25, 2013
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WIPS + sketches - edition three by beartachi WIPS + sketches - edition three by beartachi
.... here be more stuff I have been drawing and might or might not finish OTL

the others are in scraps if you happen to be looking for them.

here are a few explanations on what some of the stuff is. ahaha I forgot to number them but hopefully it's obvious which one I'm talking about. feel free to ask if any of them interest you! orz

. there's a lot of Gaia and Sunny and Stormy which should be pretty obvious who they are if you know them. =v= b
. there's also one wip of the midnight aviator I got from *miyadopt a while ago, but I abandoned it to do this picture instead [link]
. dat guy with the bright blue hair was a reject design for ~inhereisatragedy's customs a while ago, the designs I decided on with you can see here [link]
. there's a little Shima with an alternative outfit in there
. a sketch of Shima & Warren that I gave up on cause it had a background //weeps
. the gang
. the sketch of the Gaia pixel [link] with the other in the gang that maybe I'll get around to doing //slapped
. 2 rabbit-themed adopts I got from ~TheWoodlandCafe [link] & another OC of mine ahaha

will be moved to scraps soon~
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greyopal Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh all of these are so lovely! That Warren and Shima one is amazing--I completely see why you gave up on the background though~

please please finish that Gaia one I love the design so much asdfghjkl

and who is this mysterious OC looking off into the distanceeeeeeeee
arghghgh backgrounds are so hard and time consuming, I wish I had more motivation to do them :iconlazcryplz:

and awww unfortunately I'll probably never be getting back to any of these cause a lot of them were drawn months ago ""OTL
greyopal Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//sobs don't we all??

ohhh that's too bad then~ ; - ; B-but I completely understand because I don't like going back and finishing old art either--
/*stares at everything in awe*/

ubububu man I reaaally want to see all these finished (specially the one in the bottom right omg)

I'm so lazy I have no motivation ahahaha //slapped

but whoooo so happy to see comments from you again Nikiiii <3
how are things going ;O;
I am currently resting my hand because apparently I've been using a mouse too much - n -

anyway, I'm trying to get back on working commissions and the raffle prizes so I've opened a shop on gaia (which led to my hand swelling whoops)
hmmhmm omg I didn't know using a mouse too much could kinda injure your hand OTL

oh wow, so does that mean you open a shop on gaia to motivate you to finish other stuff? that's interesting aha! ;O;
Yeah I get tired of dA sometimes ahaha /shot idk ; 3 ;

I get more commissions there than here and it's great because of all th dynamic and colorful avatars and OCs :3
mi-ya-ka May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooo these are so goooodddd omg bear you gotta finish that Shima X Warren picture :iconcannotevenplz: i remember you showed me the sketch version! it's so pro-looking with color!!!
thank you miya! but nuuu bear wants to give up on backgrounds :iconrazycryplz:
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